TOP 500 + yaad shayari in english,shayri english [2023 ] If you want to

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yaad shayari in english,shayri english
I would like to meet, means
I want to meet,
so wherever you are , I
come to meet you!!

miss you quotes

yaad shayari in english,1
yaad shayari in english,1

If you want to
remember, if you have the mind to remember ,
then time automatically comes

yaad shayari in english,2
yaad shayari in english,2

Write with black ink or write in red,
black or red ink,
some memories are always green

yaad shayari in english,3
yaad shayari in english,3

The most beautiful gift of life is none
The most beautiful gift of life,
if there is someone then
your memories!!

Miss You Shayari

yaad shayari in english,4
yaad shayari in english,4

no i’m not right i’m
no i’m not fine i
miss you so much

Remember me sometimes, remember me
then you will not regret my absence

If you don’t talk to me,
we don’t talk to you, then what happened,
even today your share of time
flows in your memory!!

How yaad Shayari in English Made Me a Better Person

Diwali has come and gone,
Diwali has come and gone,
but the rangoli of his memories is
still the same.

Miss you Status in hindi

Appreciate your memories too
I have valued your memories,
never stopped coming !!

Today my mother’s son- in-law is missing a lot
mother’s son-in -law!!

yaad shayari in english

I haven’t forgotten you,
I haven’t
forgotten you,
but yes
I don’t miss you now!!

Age turned out like this,
age will pass like this,
and only memories will keep haunting!!

My heart trembles, my heart
remembers in some silence!!

You have lived in my
memories, I have kept you in my memories in
such a way
that if someone asks
, I will tell your name!!

Miss you Status

I am always your smile,
I always remember your smile, I
wish you would remember my cry too

Cherish your memories in a deep breath
I want to capture your memories in a deep breath,
I want to be
in you even after being far away

Today is the last of the old book by
mistake, today by mistake the last page of the old book was
opened , found the
name hidden in my handwriting

yaad Shayari in English: New Theories Revealed

I still remember school,
still remember
the last day of school,
some faces
were not seen after this day!!

Miss you Status

He asked me what to do,
he asked me,
today is Sunday what will you do,
I also said just to miss you!!

Miss you don’t do anything by saying nothing other than saying miss you
sir, the
heart breaks
to pieces while remembering someone !!

yaad shayari in english

People will come and go,
come and go,
but true people always
stay together!!

There are sparks of your memory in the
heart, There are sparks of your memory in the heart
Which burns the heart on every beat!!

Even if we wake up late
today , even if we wake
up late today,
do not forget to remember

where are you till now
Where are you so far away from me,
memories begin
with you.

It is so easy to forget someone, if it was so easy
to forget someone , then the word ‘remember’ would never have been invented.

Feel something different
Feeling something different today, I
feel you around me
!! yaad shayari in english

In the memory of someone who has so much desire, now
in the memory of someone who yearns so much,
no longer believes in love

If there is ego in the
then remove it,
if you remember now, you will remember

Instead of a causeless presence, remember
a missed absence
is better than a causeless presence!

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with yaad Shayari in English

Sometimes he used to remember me too
, sometimes
remember me,
then I will not be sorry for not being
there !! yaad shayari in english

Love is to be remembered not only in solitude, not
only in solitude but also in crowd.

Between two consecutive pages of the
You are a hidden story between two consecutive pages of the diary,
Don’t have the strength to forget and
don’t have the courage to write!!

They sleep at night, good night to
those who sleep, those who do not remember anyone !!

Explain to your memory that your memory
will not be called without him,
you smile even when you are away
and cry while being with him!!

You miss every minute, remember you
every moment
, you look
like a screen saver yaad shayari in english

even if i don’t talk to you
i don’t talk to
you i
still miss you

Joe I don’t remember, Anne
Joe doesn’t remember,
I miss a lot!!

Can’t live
without you Can’t live without you,
miss you a lot Dika !! yaad shayari in english

Don’t know why, but today I
don’t know why, but today I miss
you a lot friend!!

I kept thinking but decided I kept
but couldn’t decide,
you miss or I

Everything You Wanted to Know about yaad Shayari in English but Were Too Afraid to Ask

What do you know that your
Do you know how your memories tormented
me, sometimes made me laugh alone and sometimes made me cry at a party!!

You don’t remember anymore
Can’t live
now without remembering you,
life seems incomplete
without your company!!

You live moment by moment
The scent of your memories lingers moment by moment,
it’s different that you are
so far from sight!!

Not loved so little,
I have not loved so
that I can forget you.yaad shayari in english

Have the right to be with you
Even if you don’t give me the right to be with you, but you can never take away
the right to remember you from me !!

Son! you and your talk,
Son! You
and your words
are still

A whole day passes
The whole day
goes by like that,
but when the night falls, the eyes get wet
in your memory!!

I didn’t remember you
You won’t remember me
, it
really hurts!!yaad shayari in english

How strange even the touch of memories
How strange is even the touch of memories , so close when
one has none

A forest of memories came with it
The forest of memories came along with the sprinkled
memories, we will be soaked

I try to forget you
try to forget you every day, but in the end I remember you
again after getting tired !!

I forgot myself
myself have forgotten me,
then how do you
remember me!! yaad shayari in english

Reasons yaad Shayari in English Is a Masterpiece

I feel afraid now
I feel afraid now if
I talk more with someone, give a
little love and
give lifelong memories !!

Even from a distance you are magic
You do magic even when you are far away ,
remember you and all my
tiredness goes away!!

Years have passed since the perfume of love was released ,
but still the fragrance of you
is preserved in my breath!!

What difference does love make?
Does it matter
if love is love,
with you or
with your memories!!

I remembered your name
I remember your name when someone asks
me my last wish!!

If you don’t support me for life
If you don’t support me throughout your life
, it will work,
but remind me so much that
this life ends!! yaad shayari in english

So let me tell you how much I lose in
your memory , I am lost in you and someone cuts my kite!!

Some memories and some people,
Some memories
and some people, it’s okay to
forget !!

You know where, how much I cried
in your memory !!

We are both busy,
he in his work and
I in his memory!!

Tell me, let
your memories
become like you,
don’t miss me or
come close to me!!

You are the only one who hesitates
, the
rest of your memories are
arbitrary every day!!

Sitting on the beach is
fun only
when there is someone to
sit with!! yaad shayari in english

I will wake up all night
and write you in the book, in the
morning I will be absorbed again in
your memory!!

Always remember that memory in the memories of life ,
which memories make this
life memorable!!

The most
beautiful gift of love, if there is one,
is your memories!!

I check your status when I remember you,
maybe I have updated

where do I sleep,
the night I
miss you!! yaad shayari in english

Secrets You Will Never Know about yaad Shayari in English

That heart also makes you
wonder, remembers only those
who don’t appreciate

If you want to give,
then give me this much, you are the kind of
memory that you
don’t have to remember!!

Before I remember
, remember if possible!!

I know that my
overestimation is what drives me, what I do, I need only the memory of
my breathing .

the support of your memory, but where is
your love
now? yaad shayari in english

This heart of mine starts beating again ,
when someone says he still misses

My health is bad since this morning , I
went to the doctor and found out
that you don’t remember!!

Hand net just took
out your memory,
shameless your memory
will come back soon !!

Missing you
a lot, it seems that the eyelashes will be wet
again today !!

There are some
people in life who are
never met
but remembered every day.

make everyone cry,
but who doesn’t like to laugh

Thus, by bending the eyelids , one
does not sleep,
if one sleeps,
those are the people who do not remember anyone at night

If you are with me,
words don’t work,
and if you are alone,
paper doesn’t grow!!

I will come as a sight to your eyes ,
if you feel it, I
will come as a feeling!!

When I remember you,
I get dyed without color!!

Your memory is also
like ATKT of college, you
don’t have one husband yet
another one comes!!

Looking for faces
, the whole day,
the night
passes in memory of them!!

I remembered it again,
tears came out of my eyes

Navratri comes
once in a year,
but this year everything
is reminded of the old!!

If you
remember every moment,
which was not yours or mine but
ours!! yaad shayari in english

Your memory is
pieces of glass,
my love is
bare feet!!

What Everybody Needs to Know about yaad Shayari in English

We remember someone only
when we
love him from our heart!!

Someone’s memory
comes only
when we
truly love him from the heart!!

Medicine is bitter,
but your memories are
even more bitter!!

I don’t know
what is the relationship with you,
remembering you all day
doesn’t make me bored!!

Support your memory is enough
for one life,
talk about the
next birth for the next birth!!

Miss you so much,
but sorry I
can only remember!!

When there was
no relationship between us,
why do I remember
you and your stories every day!!

Similar to star and first
has a good art of waiting !!

There are many problems
in life, Diku,
but nothing bothers you as much as your memories

Believe me, if you
memorize it sometimes,
then you will be able to simply
memorize it!! yaad shayari in english

Even though I do n’t have time , I take it out, I
my eyes and watch you in solitude!!

I miss you
every day,
I don’t know
when you will come!!

Whether the memories are good or bad,
whenever they come, they
bring tears to the eyes!!

Why I Love yaad Shayari in English (and You Should Too)

The storm of these memories does not stop, because
this life is not beautiful
without you!! yaad shayari in english

It makes me happy to read our old chat ,
it makes me cry when I remember that
it is all over !!

Honestly crazy,
miss you so much !!

Sometimes one’s old
memory is refreshed,
when in fact the mind
becomes bad!!

When we remember without doing anything, then
the feelings are
still alive right!! yaad shayari in english

Your memory
has got a habit of
coming to me every day,
otherwise I had a habit of
remembering you every day!!

Today I suddenly
remembered it,
tears came out of my eyes

It is not so easy to break the bonds of memories,
some people live in the heart
like blood!!

There were thousands of tears
in the eyes, just
remembered you and
got bail!!

I am your
memory, which you never remember

The older your memories get,
the more they fade yaad shayari in english

There is a strong perfume in
your smile,
you smile there and
I smell here!!

I watched it even after being busy all day ,
but I still miss
you dearly!!

I gasp all day
“subtracting” memories,
and you “dream” and
sum it up!!

The Ultimate Guide to yaad Shayari in English

You are the one
who doesn’t say anything,
and you remember the one
who doesn’t stay silent!!

I miss
you so much, come
and meet


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