when friendship day celebration: When is friendship day celebrated?

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when friendship day celebration – Friendship day was started in 1935 from America.
On the first Sunday of August, a man was killed by the US government
and a friend committed suicide in memory and sorrow.
From that day onwards, the government decided to celebrate the first Sunday of August as Friendship Day.
Since then we have been celebrating this day for friends.  motivational

when friendship day celebration

friendship day best quotes
Nothing is more valuable in this world than true friendship.

In friendship, a friend is a friend of a friend, it is
felt when he is separated.

when friendship day celebration,2
when friendship day celebration,2

Friendship is never made with special people,
only those people become special.

Friendship: A loving heart that never hates,
a sweet smile that never fades,
a feeling that never hurts,
and a relationship that never ends.

Motivational Quotes in english,3
Motivational Quotes in English,3

Friendship is as fragile as glass,
once broken can be
bonded but cracks are always present.

when friendship day celebration: When is friendship day

The friendship of the moon from night to morning, the friendship of the sun from morning to evening,
but our friendship from the first meeting to the last breath.

when friendship day celebration

What is the difference between lover and friend? The lover says
, I will not-be alive if -something happens to you, and the friend says,
as long -as I am alive, I will not let anything happen to you.
Distances -are lakhs, there is no demand, there is no
scope for distance in friendship.

Motivational Quotes in English

Life gives us beautiful friends
but good friends give us a beautiful life.

True friends never let us fall, neither is anyone’s feet
nor in anyone’s eyes.

Motivational Quotes in English

There are many people who leave you on a
mistake, but when they make a mistake, they do a lot of work by explaining and supporting them.

If I say and you listen to that good friend,
you say and I hear it is even better friendship,
but if I say nothing and you understand then that is true friendship.

Heart Touching Story for friendship

when friendship day celebration Ramesh and Suresh grew up together since childhood.
They did all their work together. Went to school together, studied in the same class,
went to college together.
In doing so, his studies were completed and it was time for him to take up his job.

Motivational Quotes in English

Then both decided to join the army and applied for the army.
Both got numbers in the army and were asked to join.
Even when he joined, he got the same group and both started doing army jobs.

when friendship day celebration who is a good friend? Know in detail

Once there was an atmosphere of
war and war started. It was nighttime,
it was raining bullets from all directions. Ramesh and Suresh were also involved in this war.

when friendship day celebration

Then in the dark night, a loud sound started coming from one side. Where are you Ramesh,
help me, I am in trouble, I need help?
Ramesh immediately recognized Suresh’s voice
and thought of helping Ramesh.
He sought permission from his captain to go to help Suresh.

Motivational Quotes in English

The captain immediately refused that you will not go there.
Many soldiers of our army have already been killed and I will not let any more soldiers down.
After hearing this, Ramesh sat down. Then Suresh’s voices are heard there
and Ramesh asks permission from his captain and permission is not given.

Then in the end Ramesh told the captain that Suresh is my childhood friend and we both played together and grew up together.
Today he needs me and I am sitting here peacefully.
Let me go. I have to go to him and save him.

friendship day celebration who is a good friend

After hearing this, the Captain allowed Ramesh to go to Suresh. Then Ramesh reached Suresh without worrying about
his life in the rain of those bullets and then dragged Suresh from there to a safe place. All the soldiers and captains were present there. When Ramesh reached there with Suresh, Suresh had lost his life.

Motivational Quotes in English

Then the Captain shouted loudly to Ramesh and said that I had refused, not that he was dead.
Don’t put your life at risk by going there.
Then Ramesh said when I reached Suresh, he was alive and waiting for me.
Suresh also told me that I had full faith and belief
that you will definitely come to save me and you have come.

when friendship day celebration

After reading this Heart Touching Story
, you must have realized how difficult a relationship is made
and once it is made, then it should be done in any condition even
if you have to give your life for it.

50+ motivational quotes in english| Best Inspirational Quotes in English – Which will fill new energy inside you

Hello friends, today we have collected for you the best inspirational motivational quotes in English which will infuse new energy in your life
and will definitely inspire you to move forward in life and achieve success.

when friendship day celebration

Before starting, I want to share one thing with all of you
that I know that there are many problems in your life
and those problems are going to increase with time
but one thing you have to remember always till you die
. You are many times bigger than your problems,
so never be afraid of them, but face them boldly.

Motivational Quotes in English

If ever you feel that everything is going to end in your life, then
always remember these things given below
and keep moving forward in your life, then friends start….

Motivational Quotes in english| Best inspirational quotes to move ahead in life

“Success comes from experiences and
experiences always come from bad experiences.”

when friendship day celebration

“It’s not- important what people think of you, it
‘s what you think of yourself.”

Motivational Quotes in English

“Learn to control your thoughts or else
your thoughts will control you.”

“Education is not just about gathering knowledge,
but about learning the way of thinking”

when friendship day celebration

“Stop criticizing yourself for your failures, instead
start appreciating yourself for your achievements.”

Motivational Quotes in English

“Success always hugs you alone,
but failure always slaps you in front of everyone and that’s life”

“Stop doubting yourself,
work hard,
and make your dreams come true”

“Be powerful not to dominate others,
but to conquer yourself.”

when friendship day celebration

“Those who cannot change their mind can
not change anything.”

“Make your problems bold and

Motivational Quotes in English

greatness in every situation in life.”

Motivational Quotes in English/ Motivational Quotes 
“The person who knows all that No one can stop why and what I am doing and how to do it .”

“Life is waiting for you,
give your best shot.”

when friendship day celebration

“If you’re looking for that person
who will change your life, take
a look in the mirror.”

Motivational Quotes in English

“The person who- has changed his-habit, his tomorrow will change,
and the person who cannot change his habit with tomorrow, the
same will happen to him that is already happening and will happen.”

Friends are more or not friendship Friendship should be wonderful.
“Man is not great by birth, but
by deeds.”

when friendship day celebration

“Education is a man’s best friend,
an educated person is respected everywhere,
education beats beauty and youth.”

“Once you start working on something,
don’t be afraid of failure and don’t give up, because
those who work honestly are the happiest.”

Motivational Quotes in English

“There’s no use going back to yesterday,
because you were a different person.”

when friendship day celebration

“God is not present in idols,
your feelings are your God,
soul is your temple “

“As soon as fear approaches,
attack and destroy it immediately”

Motivational Quotes in English

“We should not worry about the past,
nor worry about the future;
Wise people only care about today”

when friendship day celebration

“Never be friends with people
who are above or below you,
.such.friendship will never give you any happiness”

“It’s hard to beat the person
who never gives up.”

“Happiness is not something prepared, but
it comes from your own actions.”

when friendship day celebration

“If you want to lift yourself up,
lift someone else up”

Motivational quotes for success in English:- To fill inspiration in life

“Don’t wait; time will never be ‘right’,
start where you stand, and work with
whatever tools you have, and you’ll get better tools as you progress.”

when friendship day celebration

“Life is not about finding yourself,
life is about creating yourself” “It is

Motivational Quotes in English

better to fail than to succeed by copying”

“Limits reside only in our mind, but
if we use our imaginations
, our possibilities become limitless”

“Challenges are what make life interesting,
overcoming them is what makes life worthwhile”

“There are two types of people in this world;
those who want to work,
and those who don’t want to make mistakes”

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