icici nri home loan- Complete information about ICICI Bank Home Loan facilities, interest rate and eligibility

icici nri home loan We all want to build our dream house and live in it, in such a situation you can go towards ICICI Bank Home Loan because, you will get many facilities on ICICI Bank Home Loan ( ICICI Bank Home Loan Features ). And with this the ICICI Bank Home Loan Interest Rate has also come down. And so today we have brought complete information for you on this article of theloanguid.in.icici nri home loan max life insurance policy benefits

Taking a home loan is also difficult for many and easy for many. Because to fulfill our dream house we need a huge amount of money. In earlier times we used to take many time to add this amount but nowadays we get home loan from many banks to fulfill our dream house, to build a house. And in the present situation, people have started getting these home loans very easily, because many offers are available on most banks only. In such a situation, how can ICICI Bank lag behind because it is a very big bank. And with this, ICICI Bank has also given many facilities to the people to take home loan.icici nri home loan get instant personal loan

Home Loan Related Things 2022 

First of all, we talk about what things we should pay more attention to whenever we go to take a loan.

where the interest rate is low

We all know that we should take a loan only where the interest rate is low, along with this we should also pay attention to other things.icici nri home loan

Fees and Charges

While taking a loan, we should also pay attention to what extra charges are levied at the place where we are taking the loan, such as how much is the processing fee, along with what other charges are levied , Will there be any hidden charge also to be paid and along with this, when we close the loan or do repayment, then how much charge will we have to pay in it.icici nri home loan

get loan easily

While taking a loan, we also have to pay attention that where we are taking a loan, we can get the loan easily, because we have to face many difficulties while taking a loan in many places.

get loan fast

We should also pay attention to the disbursement process of the loan where we are applying, how long or in time we get the loan. Because in many places people apply for loans and banks take many months to give loans.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Features – ICICI Bank Home Loan Features

Friends, before taking a home loan from any place, it is very important for us to know what facilities or features we are getting from there so that we can compare it with other banks or with other places and wherever we are. More facilities or according to our facilities, where we get more features, we can go for home loan only at that place. Along with this, we must pay attention to some things so that we do not suffer any loss because it is a long time, so we should not face any problems even in this long time. Let us know what are the facilities you get while taking an ICICI Bank home loan.icici nri home loan

Low Interest Rate – Low Interest Rate

For the time being, the interest rate of ICICI Bank is very low, if you want, you can apply now because the current interest rate is (After July 2022) – 7.60%. This is the floating interest rate. Along with this, let us tell you that the interest rate which is compared with other banks, then it is less.icici nri home loan


loan amount floating interest rates 
Up to ₹ 35 Lakh 7.60% – 8.05%
₹ 35 Lakh to ₹ 75 Lakh 7.60% – 8.20%
Above ₹75 Lakh 7.60% – 8.30%

Self employed

loan amount floating interest rates 
Up to ₹ 35 Lakh 7.70% – 8.20%
₹ 35 Lakh to ₹ 75 Lakh 7.70% – 8.35%
Above ₹75 Lakh 7.70% – 8.45%


For the time being, low loan EMI facility is being given in ICICI Bank. This is a great convenience as many people find it difficult to pay a large amount of EMIs at once, so you can choose the monthly EMI you choose for a longer time frame, even if you want to reduce it. Because in this you get a long time to repay the loan, so the EMI which is there if you go for a long time then it gets reduced. icici nri home loan

Step-up Loan Offer -Step-Up Loan Offer

You get more people than you are eligible for. With this, you get a loan here through a very simple process, in which you have to follow only a few steps and your loan is approved.

With this you also get the facility, if you first choose a low EMI and take more time to repay the loan, and later your income increases and you want to pay more than the loan you have. You can also do this, for this you will have to talk to the bank. You can also pay by choosing a low EMI first and then increasing your EMI. icici nri home loan

Digital Sanction 

If you want to approve a home loan from ICICI Bank, then it is very easy. You just have to follow 5 simple steps after which you can apply for this loan, and your loan is also approved.icici nri home loan

And those who are NRIs can also avail this facility, and get their loan approved digitally through 5 simple steps.

Application with less documents – Minimum Documentation

ICICI Bank also gives you the facility that you can apply here even with less documents i.e. you do not need many documents to apply here, which is the necessary document as well as you can apply for this loan. can apply.

Easy Disbursement Process – Easy Disbursement Process

Along with this, the bank says that you do not have to wait too long or long for the disbursement process after the loan is approved here. The loan amount is disbursed into your account shortly after your loan is approved.

PMAY facility

Along with this, ICICI Bank also gives you the facility of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. If you want to take a loan here under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, then you can take it and if you want to take advantage of the subsidy which is there, then you can take it.icici nri home loan

Income Tax Benefits 

If you take a home loan, then let us tell you that here you also get income tax benefit on taking home loan.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Types – ICICI Bank Home Loans Types 

Let us know what type of home loan is available on ICICI Bank

  • If you want to buy a flat.
  • If you want to do any construction work for the house or you have land and you want to build a house.
  • You can also take it if you want to take a home loan against your property.
  • If you want to transfer the balance of a home loan that is going on earlier, then you can do it.
  • Here you can also apply for a top up loan.icici nri home loan
  • And the NRI who are with it can also apply for home loan here, here you get NRI home loan.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Eligibility – ICICI Bank Home Loans Eligibility 

Now let’s talk about what eligibility you should have to take an ICICI Bank home loan.

1.Any Person – Any Individual

Any person who is a resident of India living in India can apply for this loan.

2. Resident of India – Resident of India

For this loan you have to be an Indian citizen, wherever you live you can apply for this loan. These people are not given to any foreigner.icici nri home loan

3. Non Resident of India – Non Resident of India (NRI)icici nri home loan

If you are an NRI and you want to apply for a home loan, then you can, because ICICI Bank offers NRI Home Loans.

4. Salaried Individualicici nri home loan

If you are a salaried person then you can take this loan, with this if you are a government salary person then you get this loan very easily, and if you work in a big company or establishment and your salary account But even if you deposit, you still get this loan. Just you have to note that wherever you are working, at least you have to be working there for 1 year only then you get this loan. If your work is less than 1 year then you do not get this loan, so give some time to your work as much as you can and apply only after that so that you can get this loan very easily.icici nri home loan

5. Self-Employed/Businessmanicici nri home loan

With this, if you are a self-employed or do any business, then you get this loan very easily, just your work will have to be 5 years, then only you will get this loan and along with it the documents which are asked to be submitted to the bank. If you submit it properly then you get these people very easily.icici nri home loan

6. Minimum Income- Above 25000/-

To apply for home loan on ICICI Bank, your income or salary should be at least ₹ 25000 per month, only then you get this loan. If the income is less than ₹ 25000 then you will not get these people. Along with this, tell that the amount deposited on the account of a salaried person will have to be 25000, it is not that your salary is ₹ 25000 and less deposits are deposited on your account, then you will not get this loan in your bank account. But every month ₹ 25000 has to be deposited, only then you get this loan.

Age The year
the minimum 21 years
Maximum 60 years

Now let’s talk about age

  • Your minimum age is 21 years, that is, you can apply for this loan only after you turn 21.
  • With this the maximum age limit has been kept, that is 60 years. Meaning you will have to close this loan by the time you turn 60. That is, if you took this loan at the age of 50, then you get it for only 10 years and you have to repay this loan within 60 years and if you took the loan at the age of 55, then you will get it for 5 years. This loan is available only for this. icici nri home loan
  • And if you want the loan tenure for 30 years, then you have to take this loan only at the age of 30 years.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Tenure – ICICI Bank Home Loan Tenure

Level Tenure
the minimum 5 years
Maximum 20 Years/ (Salaried – 30 Years)

The minimum tenure you get for ICICI Bank home loan is 5 years, for less than that you cannot take a home loan.

With this, the maximum time you get is 20 years. If you are a salaried person then you get 30 years to repay the loan. And with this, if you talk to the bank, then you can get this time for 30 years but for this you have to talk to the bank.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Amount – ICICI Bank Home Loan Amount

Level loan amount
the minimum ₹ 20 Lakh
Maximum ₹ 10 Cr.

Talking about the loan amount, the minimum amount you can get is up to ₹ 20 lakhs and the maximum amount you can take is up to ₹ 10cr. But for this your income, your documents and your civil score are also seen. And with this the loan amount depends on many things such as the value of your property and your EMI/NMI Ratio or LTV Ratio, the loan amount is given to you after looking at all these things. And let us also tell you that even if you want a loan for less than ₹ 20 lakh, you are given a loan.icici nri home loan

Now let’s know the ICICI Bank Home Loan, up to what amount you can get a loan.

Friends, there is a question in the mind of many people that how much amount they can get loan, how to know this. You can calculate this by two things, for those who are salaried, it is a little easier to calculate, like


EMI 65% of salary
salary 60 months


< 30 lakhs 90%
>30 lakhs <75 lakhs 80%
>75 lakhs 75%

Salaried – Those who are salaried can get up to 65% of their salary, depending on their EMI Ratio. (If their loan is not running in any other place). And with this, you are given the loan amount by adding your salary for 60 months. icici nri home loan

LTV Ratio – According to the market value of where you are taking home loan for home, if you have applied loan up to ₹ 30 lakh, then you can get loan up to 90%, and if you have applied for ₹ 30 If you applied for loan above Rs.75 lakh and below Rs.75 lakh, you can get loan up to 80%, and if you applied for loan above Rs.75 lakh, you can get loan up to 75%. Is. But you can get this loan amount only if the value of your land is equal to the loan amount you apply for.

ICICI Bank Home Loan Interest Rate – ICICI Bank Home Loan Interest Rate

At present, the interest rate of ICICI Bank Home Loan is very low. After March 5, 2021, ICICI Bank has also reduced its interest rate very much, and this is the first time that ICICI Bank has reduced its interest rate even lower than SBI Bank’s interest rate.icici nri home loan

Rate of interest
the minimum 6.70%
Maximum 7.55%

ICICI Bank Home Loan Processing Fee & Charges – ICICI Bank Home Loan Processing Fee & Charges

charge Zodiac
processing charge 0.50% – 2% (of the loan amount)
pre-payment charge Zero
check bounce charge 500/-