true love real life stories 2023

true love real life stories 2023The story of Ruth and Seretse Khama: In the late 1940s,
Ruth Williams, a white woman from England,
met and fell in love with Seretse Khama,
the Prince of Bechuanaland (now Botswana),
while he was studying in London.
Despite opposition from both their families and their respective governments,
they got married in 1948 and returned to Bechuanaland,
where Seretse was eventually elected the country’s first president after independence from Britain.

true love real life stories 2023

The story of Carl and Ellie Fredricksen: Okay,
so they’re fictional characters from the Pixar movie “Up,”
but Carl and Ellie’s love story has become an iconic example of true love in popular culture.
The film depicts their lifelong relationship,
from childhood sweethearts to married couple to Ellie’s eventual death,
and the way Carl keeps her memory alive by pursuing their shared dream of traveling to South America.true love real life stories 2023

The story of John and Ann Betar: In 1932,
when Ann was just 17 years old and John was 21,
the couple eloped because Ann’s Syrian immigrant parents did not approve of their relationship.
Over 80 years later,
they were still happily married and recognized as the longest-married couple in the
United States, with John passing away at the age of 107 in 2019.
the story of Jack aand Phyllis Potter:
Jack and Phyllis met during World War II when Jack was stationed in England and Phyllis
was a yung woman working for
the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

They fell in love and got married in secret before Jack was deployed to fight in Europe.
after the waar, Jack returned to England to reunite with Phyllis and the couple spent the
rest of their lives together, eventually moving to California and celebrating their
70th wedding anniversary before Phyllis passed away in 2016.

The story of Emily and Fred: Emily, a Holocaust survivor,true love real life stories
met Fred, an American soldier, in Germany in 1945. Despite the language barrier,
the two fell in love and got married in a small ceremony in a bombed-out church.
They eventually moved to the United States and had four children,
and Emily became a respected artist known for her Holocaust-inspired works.

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