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Unhappy Marriage

Learn more about unhappy marriage

Oh, sweet, young love. Ignorant and blissful love. This is the feeling we feel when you have found “the one.” This is the love that makes couples say, “I do” at the alter in front of all their family and friends. What couples don’t know, however, is that marriage is hard work. There are going to be challenges in your marriage that couples need to overcome together as a team. Statistically speaking, 50% of marriages today end in divorce. There are common problems that can change a blissful marriage to an unhappy marriage. These include:unhappy marriage

  • Physical and Emotional abuse
  • Communication problems
  • Fighting
  • Infidelity
  • Finances

These are a just a few things that can lead to an unhappy marriage. Married couples stumble across these problems throughout their marriage. If you are still in the honeymoon stage and have not faced this challenge don’t worry, your turn will come. I promise.unhappy marriage

We are going to discuss a few basic tips you can do daily to help your marriage stay healthy and strong. You and your spouse need to be a united front. You should be working together as a team to help the relationship work. One partner cannot do all the work in order for the relationship to remain strong and happy. Love words

Learn more about unhappy marriage

  1. Fight Fair. Do not air out dirty laundry. Leave the past in the past. By bringing up past arguments, you are pouring salt into an open wound. Unhappy marriages happen when couples bring up past arguments that should have been forgiven.
  2. Do not sweat the small stuff. Pick and choose your battles. If there are things that get under your skin, maybe you should overlook them. Nit picking is part of the formula to creating an unhappy marriage.unhappy marriage
  3. Enjoy your spouse. Greet your spouse when they come home from work. Do not act as if you prefer to be in the house alone to their company. Show that you enjoy your time with them. If you do not enjoy your spouse, how can you expect to be in a happy marriage?
  4. Do not talk negatively about your spouse with others. It is very easy to vent when your spouse is driving you crazy. Stop doing that. Right now. I mean it. Remember the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” If you would not like your spouse talking behind your back, why would you do that? Unless you want an unhappy marriage, this is a habit you need to stop this instance. I am pretty sure we can all agree that no one wants that, right?unhappy marriage
  5. Talk to your spouse. When there is a problem you need to talk about it. Playing the silent game is the surest way to make your marriage unhappy, and thus, leading towards divorce. This is not always easy. Give yourselves cool-down time when needed but talk it out if you want you desire a happy marriage. That is the dream, right?