romantic sorry status,Sorry Quotes about love and friendship

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romantic sorry status, Sorry Quotes about love and friendship sorry Shayari
from friends, GF/BF, Husband/Wife and Brother/Sister make mistakes and you are looking for Sorry Quotes about love In Hindi and Sorry Status In Hindi on google to
apologize to them. You have come to the right website. Forgetting anger, forgiving each other and saying sorry, the relationship can be maintained and love can be shared again. motivational WhatsApp status

That’s why today we have brought here for you
Hindi Sorry Quotes (For Best Friend,
For GF/BF, For Husband/Wife,
For Brother/Sister), Sorry SMS In Hindi For Friend,
Sorry Thoughts In Hindi,
Sorry Quotes Images In Hindi
and Sorry Status In Hindi
which will help you to say sorry to each other
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sorry sad status

I don’t like your silence by convincing me that I get angry

romantic sorry status,2
romantic sorry status,2

Don’t be angry at my every letter,
never lose your sweet smile, it
‘s comforting to see your smile,
even if I die, don’t cry

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romantic sorry status,3
romantic sorry status,3

By applying it to the chest again, it has been done to remove the sorrows, if you
have forgotten, forgive me too.

romantic sorry status, Sorry Quotes love and friendship

romantic sorry status,4
romantic sorry status,4

Can’t sleep, I
wake up at nights hurting your heart, I have made a mistake by changing my side
, now forgive
me, make room for me again in your heart.

romantic sorry status,5
romantic sorry status,5

No matter what punishment you give us for this mistake,
but never go away from us
because this heart wants to
be with you only now

Sorry Quotes about love In Hindi For Best Friend

romantic sorry status,6
romantic sorry status,6

It is a mistake, my friend, I
am small by

persuading me to embrace you, if you become angry, my friend
, if you leave this world,
it is difficult to live this life without you
, if my breath breaks, my friends are broken with you

romantic sorry status,7
romantic sorry status,7

, even in enemies. When we meet friends, we
open flowers even in heaven

Distances keep coming and going in relationships,
yet friendship unites hearts,
what is that friendship in which there is no resentment,
but true friendship convinces friends, it is a

friendship of years,
don’t end it like
this my friend Forgive the mistake,
we are waiting for this only

Sorry Quotes In Hindi For BF/GF

We didn’t care at all that
you will feel so bad about this thing, let us tell you
our mistake
, now what we have to do for forgiveness

romantic sorry status

No matter how angry you may be with us
, we will never get tired of obeying you,
the only fear is that
this resentment does not become angry,
so now

romantic sorry  Sorry Quotes love and friendship

agree, dear, now we have a wish, so only that you
forgive us soon.
These days of anger are not letting us live

romantic sorry status

I am feeling alone because of your anger,
since you are gone, I am dying moment by moment, I
cannot tolerate these distances,
now forgive our account.

romantic sorry status

We are very sorry, we have full intention not to repeat our mistake again,
forgive us, now we are
helpless every moment without you

Sorry Quotes In English For Husband/Wife

Don’t be angry,
this world seems like
a hearing, if you get angry, then
this life seems like death, I

romantic sorry status

believe that we have made a big mistake
, so we ask for forgiveness,
if you do not forgive us, then
we will be alone again

romantic sorry status

I bear every trouble
, but what should I do with your displeasure,
I have hurt your heart,
but now forgive us too, life will be ours
or else we will be completely helpless

romantic sorry status

, we have to take permission
from you to get angry with you,
then why are you from
us today? got upset without telling

romantic sorry status

If I get angry, convince me, my life,
without you, this world seems to be a clear path.

Sorry Quotes In English For Sister/Brother

Forgive my brother, I
ask for forgiveness from
you because you are the one who saves me from the scolding of my

romantic sorry status

If there is a complaint from us
, then do not take it to heart, we
ask for forgiveness now
so that no crack will ever come in this relationship.

romantic sorry status

Maybe we ever made
you cry, you forgot us at the behest of the world,
we were alone anyway,
what happened in this world if you made me realize,

forget that no one will
make a mistake, but don’t forget to say sorry if you make a mistake
Otherwise, even a small mistake will be costly

Sorry SMS In English For Friend

I want you more than the Lord, you are angrier than me,
now we will not survive after the Lord only you are there,
we live, seeing whom you are the only one

romantic sorry status

, staying in someone’s heart is not a bad thing
. Settling in the heart is not an account,
it is a sin in the eyes of this age, there is
no God in the world

If you have made a mistake, then listen to the decree
, why there is so much pain in the eyes, tell me,
it has been a while to feel,
but will forget you, erase this thought

romantic sorry status

, forgive me if I have broken my heart
, what is the trust of your life, today So there’s no tomorrow, do

don’t you ignore
us, forgive us the mistake
, leave your heart full of anger and
clean your heart now.

Sorry Thoughts In English

A person is very sad because of your departure,
if possible, come back with some excuse,
you are a million angry, but once you see,
someone is shattered because of your anger.

romantic sorry status

We remain silent that no one should be angry with
us, no one should become angry with us, it
is difficult for someone to become our own, I
am afraid that he may also be separated,
if I have made some mistake, then forgive him

for his happiness. We had fought for the world,
today they are angry with us,
what has happened to us,
we are sitting to be punished by bowing our heads

romantic sorry status

Don’t get angry
with us like this, suppose we have made a mistake,
but don’t be silent like
that, you will be punished, accept us,
just smile once

Sorry Quotes Images In English

If you get angry,
how will we live without breathing, how we
used to
live like this

romantic sorry status

Forgive me if I have broken my heart, you never
know when this face is wrapped with a shroud of mine

The mistake is not so big that it cannot be forgiven,
you are my everything, it cannot be ignored.

romantic sorry status

I am sorry for the mistake, I
am still in love with friendship in playing a little raw,
you are very much my friend

Sorry Status In English

Don’t you be angry with us,
forgive us a little bit,
we have made a mistake, we believe, do
not give such punishment for that mistake,

today we make a promise to you,
there is no one more for me than you,
forgive those who offended you,
the fault was ours which separated you from yourself

romantic sorry status

What is the need to tell the pain, what is the need
to make others cry with you,
time is short for love,
what is the need to waste time by

getting angry, don’t be angry, you don’t know how to persuade us,
don’t go away, don’t call me Come,
if you forget, it doesn’t matter, what should we do,
we do not even know to forget, do

romantic sorry status

not keep resentment in the
heart, clean the heart,
without which you feel incomplete,
it is better to forgive them

sorry status Quotes about love and friendship

Life has been summed up in dreams,
you are still stuck on forgiveness

clear some such memories of love from your mind, always
kept a stone on your heart,
always said forgive us now

romantic sorry status

Come on, now we also love,
you make a mistake, we will ask for forgiveness,

like a heartbeat, we
spend every moment in the memory of them,
tears come out when they remember, their
lives go out when they get angry

romantic sorry status

You laugh,
you cry to make me laugh, you cry once to make me cry, you will die
and see
, to persuade you,

romantic sorry status

forgive me for a moment
apart from us, and no longer remains with us.

We are longing to hear something about love from your
love is not right, just complain

If someone is very sad because of your departure,
then come back, you are a million angry due to some excuse,
but once you see that
someone has been shattered,

romantic sorry status

if you are upset due to your anger, then there will be no happiness
without you, there will be no light in the lamps. What will be
said, what will pass, we
will remain alive on this heart, but life will not remain

like this, have we committed the fault
that you have rejected us in this way,
forgive our mistakes
due to which you have reduced to remember

romantic sorry status

We learned to be lonely, but we
will never be able to stay happy
, even if you tolerate your distances, you will not be able
to live without love,

Quotes about love and friendship

whatever you got, you got annoyed with us,
see what friendship has been found for a long time, but everyone is in search of loyalty. The person found me unfaithful, so don’t take the test of my friendship, why do you tell me, forgive me if we have made any mistake, but don’t punish us by not remembering it like this

romantic sorry status

Distances keep coming in friendship,
yet friendship unites hearts,
what is the friend who is not angry,
but true friendship convinces friends,
please forgive me

, you laugh to make me laugh,
you cry to make me cry If
you get angry once, then I
will die to persuade you

romantic sorry status

, oh life, I wish you would get angry with me,
these angry people are no longer persuaded by me

What will you give flowers instead of thorns, what will you give
happiness instead of tears,
we want you to be with us for a lifetime,
what will you answer our question?

romantic sorry status

I will convince
you, you convince me, do not win
the battle of love

Only those who remember someone know the value of tears,
they know the sorrow of the heart, those who
want someone, they know the pain of
loneliness. I Forgot, we were alone anyway, what if you made me realize what happened in this world

We will play your friends like this,
you will be happy every day, we will celebrate every day
otherwise, we will not be able to live otherwise

every mistake is forgiven,
especially when the girl
cries all night to get forgiveness,
now forgive me, please

love Quotes about love and friendship

Forgive our mistake, don’t
leave us unintentionally, otherwise, we will not be
able to live without you, you
can live without us

romantic sorry status

We made a mistake, we accepted
that we were wrong, we took our lives,
now we will not do anything that you feel bad,
now we have taken this decision in my heart,
I am sorry

romantic sorry status

Apologizing doesn’t mean that
you are wrong and someone else is right…
but it means that
you respect this relationship from the heart, if you have done

so, then tell the punishment
why there is so much pain in the heart, tell the reason why it is
late I am definitely in remembrance,
but I will forget you, erase this thought from my heart.

If we make a mistake, sorry if
we can’t remember you, then sorry will not
forget you with the same heart, but if
this beat stops then sorry