sultan love,Razia Sultan was in love with her slave Jalaluddin Yakut

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sultan love,Razia Sultan was in love with her slave Jalaluddin Yakut, know the unique storysultans love

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Razia Sultan was one of the most powerful women in history,sultans love
whose love story has also been very famous, let’s know how.

In Indian history, many such love stories are recorded in history,
which are exemplified even today.
Surely you must have heard or read many ancient love stories like- Bhagmati and Mohammad Quli, Rani Roopmati
and Baz Bahadur etc. Apart from this, you have also been famous for many Mughal stories such as the love story of Akbar
and Jodha, the wonderful love story of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz,
the incomplete pain story of Salim and Anarkali, etc.sultan love

But do you know that apart from all this there is another story,s
which is recorded in the pages of history and that story is
the love story of Razia Sultan and his slave Jalaluddin Yakut. Yes,sultans love
it is said that Razia Sultan had made love to Jalaluddin Yakut but she was married off to another person.
Let us know who was Razia Sultan and what was her love story. hindi love shayari photo

sultan love,Razia Sultan was in love with her slave Jalaluddin Yakut  Who was  Razia Sultan ?

Razia Sultan was one of the most powerful women in the history of India,sultans love
whose full name was Jalalat-ud-din-Razia. He was born in 1205 in Badaun.
(Powerful Women of the Mughal Empire)
She was the only daughter of Shamsuddin Iltutmish, the famous ruler of Delhi Sultanate and the famous Sultan of history. Razia had three brothers,sultans love
who used to call her Razia.sultan love

Sultan of Delhi and became the first Muslim woman ruler

For your information, let us tell you that Razia Sultan was brave since childhood,
who had a passion to rule and improve the society since childhood.
Therefore Razia ruled the throne of Delhi after the departure of her father.

However, Razia Sultan had to face many problems such assultans love
the throne of Delhi was handed over to Rukhuddin Firoz after his father’s departure but he could not fulfill it honestly. Also, the
people had refused to accept a woman as the Sultan.  2 line shayari to impress a girl

sultans loveRazia Sultan Jalaluddin Yakut’s love story

There is no doubt that Razia played an important role in the development of Delhi.
But during this time he had fallen in love with Jalaluddin Yakut. Let us tell you that Jalaluddin was a slave of Yakut Razia,sultan love
who used to make him ride a horse.sultans love
During this, both of them loved each other very much, but the world did not
like their love and people had turned against their love story.
(How much do you know about the first wife of Mughal emperor Akbar)
However, some historians believe that the Yakut was not Razia’s lover but a confidante.

Razia was forcibly married to Malik Altunia

According to history, it is said that there was a lot of rebellion about the love of both
and during this the Yakut died.sultans love
After this, Razia was married off to Altunia but itsultans love
is said that this marriage did not last long as both of them died in a battle.
But many historians believe that Razia was in love with her lover Jalaluddin Yakut even after marriage.

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