sad shayari in english,heart touching shayari for best friend

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sad shayari in english,heart touching shayari for best friend,sad shayari,gham shayari ,today we present you sad shayari
sad status and sad shayari 2 lines shayari.
We hope you enjoy this attempt at sad status  gum shayari.

sad shayari in english.1
sad shayari in english.1

Put my life at stake, if the reward is you,
then spend all this life, if the result is only you.

sad shayari in english.2
sad shayari in english.2

New colors have come in this life, tell me
with which color should I make your picture,
you want to laugh, otherwise I am ruined.

sad shayari in english.3
sad shayari in english.3

There is only one reason to live, sir, if
you fall in love with someone, then this is the only punishment. I

sad shayari in english.4
sad shayari in english.4.

Love has become like tea, it tastes
good only till it is hot.

sad shayari in english.5
sad shayari in english.5

That love letter was never mine, it felt as if a traveler had
come to my house after forgetting his way.

sad shayari in english 2023

Now there is a bigger problem than your shadow, if
the wave of this love ever comes back
, even without rain, rain comes from my eyes.

The pen no longer moves, the
words are not written , the emotion
also plays hide and seek with me,
who understands the silence, but now
even the echo of the voice is not heard.

Word by word I seek you and
verse by word you seek me,
this fact is not easy , I seek
you outside, you find me
within yourself!

Talking about distance now hurts a lot,
that evening which was pleasant now hurts a lot, you
can live without someone for a lifetime
, but the memory of missing someone now hurts a lot. I

sad shayari in english

This life will flow away in a moment,
only words will remind us,
we live in each other’s hearts too,
so why would I live without you.

Sad status in hindi

I go to sleep on time every day,
but in the middle of the night there is a pile of memories of you.

There is never reality in imagination,
what is the use of crying over the past, no matter how
precious it is,
what is lost has no value. I

sad shayari in english

Now I am asking whoever I get the experience of not getting hurt ,
when tears fall from someone’s eyes , I
wipe them in confusion.

sad shayari not text

Maybe I have made a big mistake, I have lost
my life for him.

❤️How that heart betrayed me,
made me what I wasn’t meant to be

heart touching shayari for best friend

What should I do if my heart hurts during my stay?
What should I do if the memory of him makes me cry?
I came to know that our meeting
will happen even in dreams, what to do if I can’t sleep all night.

Last night’s dreams never come true,
we don’t get the shining link of the one we love in life.

sad shayari 2 line

If you like this meeting of mine, then call it calamity, call
this hatred of your hatred towards me
, but this tearful farewell of mine in solitude,
if you cry remembering it, then call it love .

sad shayari in english

Whenever I think of the past
, I realize that innocent love of yours, how lovely was the moment
spent with you , how colorful were those moments, I only believed in you.

See if you understand someone before explaining to someone, see
if someone forgets before you say it,
anyone can give
advice, before giving advice, see if you feel any compulsion Is.

The night does not wait for the morning.
Fragrance doesn’t wait for the weather.
Whatever happiness you get in this world.
Accept it with dignity.
Because life does not wait for time.

shayari dardbhari

Every moment of this life does not remain the same
, tide does not come in the ocean every day,
meeting and separation are two events of this life, in
which the cost of tears is never the same.

sad shayari in english

A look that has only hatred
will turn into tears,
don’t even try to forget, effort
will become a memory,
love flows like an ocean,
if you refuse it will become a tsunami.

Today these precious memories become sand
, the more they are lost, the more they are lost, the
mind is sure that it should not go in that direction
where dreams are sold at the cost of coins.

sad shayari in english

I have loved your name so much, I have loved
your feeling, you are
not with me today
, so today I have loved your memories too.

Many people say what business are you doing,
I also smiled and said,
in this market of hatred, I have a shop of love.

I wish the line of luck was in my hand,
then today your hand would be in mine.

heart touching shayari for best friend 2023

I don’t know who will be in my destiny,
but you will always be in my heart.

If you love, do it from your heart, do
n’t do it as a favor.

sad shayari in english

Every love story has a different ending,
some are destined to have tears, some are destined to have
rice balls.

broken heart sad shayari

I lost myself by meeting you,
you have not lost anything,
now I am wondering what I found.

There was only one danger in taking heart,
that was life to me and I was doing it.

Biscuit along with tea also taught a lesson,
if you go deep into someone’s words, you will be broken.

sad shayari in english

You can never guess our pain,
because you never saw us in the night.

Maybe people don’t understand but you can?
Those who remain silent also suffer.

Don’t be tempted by love, sir, it has
neither breath nor life. I.

Now don’t get angry on anyone
because now there is no one to explain.

sad shayari in english

For love, the whole life is short,
for hate people don’t know from where they take so much time.

We were strangers when you had to leave the company .

It is not necessary to fall in love with the one who gives happiness, even the one who
breaks the heart remembers some strong memories.

Bewafa Shayari | Gum Shayari

I left my locality and came to the city, the pain you gave me, in
this storm of broken
heart, left my heart there with many memories of you.

sad status

One night was enough to shatter my pride,
and a stranger’s gaze was enough to soak me in these clouds of love. I

There was something in your love which has
now become a memory for me.

sad status 2 line text

Love has gone to such an extent
that now a storm has come in the pain of these years,
dreams have also been broken to such an extent
that a tsunami has come even in the calm sea.

sad shayari in english

I think we are not made for each other,
but I believe this world is not made for us.

sad shayari sms

The journey of this love story has now become like the pride of these eyes,
where we have lived together but ignored each other throughout our life. I

I live in your memories and find peace,
but it is pain that reminds me time and again that you are my love, not luck.

sad Shayari 2 line

If both were involved in this crime of love,
then why one is punished with silence and the other with painful solitude?

I hate my own love,
what can be a bigger punishment than this, in
which life itself gets angry with life.

Sir, never forcefully open this door of love,
once it is broken it will never be reconnected.

So friends we hope you like our sad status or
sad status in gujarati then there is only one feeling which is considered by bus series.
But some people take advantage of this and hurt Bija’s heart a lot.
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