relationship advice for women,Husband-Wife Relationship Will Be Strong Like This 2022

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relationship advice for women,Husband-Wife Relationship Will Be Strong Like This
For The Happiness Of Life,
The Relationship Of Husband And Wife Has To Be Strengthened With The Threads Of Love,
Trust And Understanding.
Small Things Have To Be Ignored.relationship advice for women

For the happiness of life,
the relationship of husband and wife has to be strengthened with the threads of love,
trust and understanding. Small things have to be ignored. In difficult times,
we have to support each other. Some things have to be taken care of. like…

relationship advice for women,Rely on the conversation not on the message…

According to a study conducted at Brigham University,
couples who fulfill the responsibility of sending messages in small and big moments of life
such as messages if they want to argue,
messages if they want to apologize, messages if they want to take a decision,
such a habit leads to happiness and happiness in relationships. Love diminishes.
When there’s a big deal, don’t use an emoji instead of a real face to tell your spouse.

With 2 such friends whose married life is happy…

relationship advice for women
relationship advice for women

According to a study conducted at Brown University,
if a close relative or friend of yours has taken a divorce,
then your chances of taking the same step increase by up to 75%. On the contrary,
if your loved ones are leading a successful married life,
then this thing also becomes a reason for strength in your relationship.

3 Husband and wife become best friends…

A study conducted by The National Bureau of Economic found that
couples who consider each other as best friends live twice as much satisfied life in their
married life as compared to others.relationship advice for women

4 Small things are also important…

For a strong relationship,relationship advice for women
it is necessary to make your spouse feel special from time to time.
It is also important to show that you care and love them.
This does not lead to divorce. You may not do much,
but you can do so much that put a small note full of love in the purse of your
spouse or caress their shoulders with love after a long day’s work.

Give 5 surprises…relationship advice for women

Make their birthday or your anniversary special.
Surprise them sometimes. Such small activities bring you closer to them.
Men who do not get this kind of support from their wives are twice as likely to be divorced.
Whereas this has not been seen in the case of women.
The reason for this is that the nature of women is different.
They are close to their friends. Talks more.
She hugs him over small things.
Unknown people also keep giving compliments to women. Whereas men remain limited in themselves.
They need support from female partner or wife.relationship advice for women

6 Handle mutual disputes better…

Disputes and.quarrels between husband and.wife are very.natural and cannot be avoided.
But the strength of the.relationship depends.on how you handle them.
The relations of those who are always gentle and courteous towards their spouse do not break soon.relationship advice for women
During a quarrel or dispute,relationship advice for women
shouting, abusing or getting into a fight is like dissolving poison in the relationship.
Such things can never be forgotten by a person and it has a very bad effect on married life.

A study has revealed how fighting style affects your marriage.
The most important difference found between the couples who got divorced after 10 years of marriage
and the couples who were living happily with their spouse was their mutual disputes and quarrels
within 1 year of marriage. way to settle.relationship advice for women

Couples who treated their spouses with periodic anger
and negative tone in their early years of marriage got divorced
within 10 years. In the Ali Years of Marriage Project,
American researcher Orbuch found that couples can be happy even in the midst of troubles if they have a good,
lively attitude and sweet behavior. On the contrary, beatings and apathetic behavior weakens the relationship.relationship advice for women

7.Celebrate 8 good times…

According to a research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,
it is good to support a partner in good times,
but it is more important than that to stand with your spouse in sorrow,
trouble and difficult times.relationship advice for women
Hillary Clinton did not leave her husband’s side even when former
US President Bill Clinton was accused of sexual abuse by Monica Lewinsky.
With those days, the relationship of both of them became even stronger.

8. Don’t be afraid to take risks…

If the period of novelty, variety and surprise continues between husband and wife,
then freshness and strength remains in the relationship.
Get involved in activities full of new excitement together,
visit new places, enjoy exciting journeys, go on long drives,
give new options to eat, drink, travel, laugh, have fun and understand each other .
Never let dullness and indifference seep into the relationship.
Decorate life with new surprises.relationship advice for women

Only love is not enough…

We devote full time to all our commitments in life.
Take trainings. We try so that we can take it forward in a better way like
the player keeps on learning the tips of the game, Lauer reads books,
artists workshops. Similarly, to make marriage successful,
we should be ready to learn and do something new.
Just loving your spouse is not enough.
It is also important to feel that love and celebrate the happiness that comes because of it.
Scientifically speaking,
such new experiences activate the dopamine system in the body,
which makes your mind try to live the romantic moments you feel in the early years of marriage.
Complimenting and saying positive things to each other adds strength to the relationship.

What Are The Reasons For Cheating After Marriage

It Is Human Nature To Cheat,
Whether The Deception Is Small Or Big.relationship advice for women

It is human nature to cheat,
whether the deception is small or big.
Often a person cheats in love and cheats in love only.
But nowadays it has become a trend to cheat after marriage.
People cheat after marriage for many reasons.
Many times this deception is given intentionally and many times to take revenge.
Not only this, many times the reason for cheating after marriage is dissatisfaction.
Sometimes the main reason for divorce is cheating.
But it is also important to know how far it is right to cheat after marriage,
how to handle the situation of cheating after marriage. What to do when your partner is cheating on you.relationship advice for women

Reasons for cheating after marriage

1. Dissatisfaction– Many times a man has dissatisfaction with his female partner during intercourse,
due to which he becomes compelled to go outside and soon he comes close to other women,
as a result he wants or wants his female partner seems to cheat.

2. Openness- Due to the openness coming in the society,
a man does not hesitate to cheat on his female partner.
In fact, due to the openness in the society,
people have become open minded,
due to which they do not have any problem in making extramarital
relations and women have also become very bold.
For this reason also men cheat on their female partner.

3. Due to the possibilities– Nowadays there are more possibilities of having an extramarital affair,
that is, extramarital relations are formed easily.
Due to which men start cheating on their wife,
thinking that they will not know anything.

4. Lack of mutual conversation– Men often want that
they talk a lot with their wife and their wife also share their things,
but when the situation of mutual conversation or communication is over,
then there are more chances of rift in the relationship and cheating. increases.

5. Being Experimental– People do new experiments nowadays.
When a man gets tired of relationships, he does not hesitate to experiment.
But when the wife does not cooperate in this, then the men start cheating.

Reasons why women cheat after marriage

1. Having Affair- Usually women start
cheating on men after marriage because they have an affair
with someone before marriage or their first lover harass
and blackmails them due to which they are forced to cheat.

2. Lack of trust- That is why some women start cheating
because their husband does not trust them
or doubts them without any reason.relationship advice for women

3. Boredom- Many times women get bored by staying at home or with the same routine
and living alone, they are attracted to outside. As a result,
many times they even have extramarital affairs with it.

4. Not getting ideas from partner– Many times
women are attracted to outside even because of not
getting ideas from husband or due to family quarrels all the time.

Apart from this, there are many reasons due to which women
and men start cheating on their partner even after marriage.


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