my x ,Pronunciation Ex meaning [ 2022 ]

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my x , Pronunciation Ex meaning, you must have read or heard the word X.
In your school, college or your friends often say that such
a boy or such a girl
is their ex but do you know the Hindi meaning of this short word?

The word ex is also used a lot in common parlance.
Most people just know that it is only used to indicate a boy or a girl.

Although not so, it can be used for anyone.
Let us first know what is the Hindi meaning of ex according to the English dictionary
and then we will know what is the meaning of Ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend,
ex husband, ex wife x

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my x Definition And english Meaning Of Ex

Any person has an identity ofmy x
his own, he has a position like a person can be a leader,
minister, MLA, teacher, husband, wife, boyfriend,
girlfriend x

But these relationships or positions also change with time.
For example, if a person is currently a minister
, it is not necessary that he will always be a x
In the future, he may move away from this post, but an identity will remain intact even then.

In such a situation, we do not call the minister as a minister, but a former minister or a former minister,
and this is what we call Ex-minister in English.
Similarly, if a person was a teacher in the past but is not now, then we call him
“Ex teacher”.my x

But sometimes you must have heard people saying just ex. People say that such
a boy or such a girl is ex, so here we do not understand the meaning of ex
because no other word is used in it. Let us know what it means to say just ex-

In today’s time, after passing 10th, boys want girlfriends
and girls have also become very advanced, they also need to have boyfriends to show themselves smart.

Well, coming to college, sometimes people change their boyfriends or girlfriends for some reason or the other.
Now in such a situation, the question arises that in that situation, what should your girlfriend be called, if she ever
smiles seeing her boyfriend in the street or locality, then something or the other will have to be told that what does she look like?

my x Definition And english

The answer is simple, you can call him as ex ie
ex girlfriend. Well the same thing applies for boyfriends.
If your scooty collides with your ex-boyfriend while walking, then in such a situation, if he
shows his thirties after seeing you, then how will you introduce him to the friend next to you.

Your answer would be that he is your ex x
Meaning of ex By now you must have come to know that its meaning is former.

If a boy calls a girl ex, then there ex means
ex girlfriend and if a girl
calls a boy ex, then there ex means ex boyfriend.
Only the word ex is prevalent in this type of relationship.

By the way, to increase your information, tell that if you say your ex-wife, then you can use it
for ex-wife also, it is also for ex-husband i.e.

Apart from girlfriend and boyfriend,
if the word ex is used anywhere, then that
relation or position with ex is also mentioned. Like-
ex prime minister, ex wife, ex husband x

1. I parted ways with my ex-girlfriend after a long time relationship

2.Ravi has not exchanged a single word with his girlfriend at a party

3. Ravi used to quarrel with his ex-wife over small matters

Ex girlfriend meaning in english

Right now above you have been cleared that when you change girlfriends due to amateur or some reason
and sometime your life becomes buzzing with other girl friend.

Then you are sitting in the restaurant with your new girlfriend
when your former girlfriend is seen sitting on the next chair.
In such a situation, it is your duty to exchange at least one smile.
Now what will you answer to your new girlfriend?
If your new girlfriend is settled then you will tell her that she was your first girlfriend.
And as the reason for the breakup with him, let us tell that she used to
apply more lipstick or she was of sister-ji type, it could be any one of them.

1. I still remember what you told me about the argument with your ex-girlfriend.

2.Radha’s husband is about thirty-one years old and has left him for his son’s ex-girlfriend.

3. Ex-girlfriend of my cousin whom he is following since last four years.

Ex boyfriend meaning

Girls also do the work of changing boyfriend very loudly, in
this, girls also have many reasons
like if your boyfriend does not give you any gift on valentine
or you do not get yes in your yes, even then you do not delay in changing boyfriend.

Before changing your boyfriend, while introducing the new one to your boyfriend, you
call him by the name of x

1. I Don’t Cheat On My New Boyfriend Like I Did With My Ex

2. I can’t believe my ex boyfriend got married to my best friend

3.Sometimes she gets upset by her ex-boyfriend’s rude behavior

4.Sheena is just 23 years old and she is separated from her ex-boyfriend for eight months.

Ex meaning in Love

Love is a very beautiful feeling,my x
if you do not believe my words, then why don’t you watch some Bollywood movies, have seen the movie Dilwale
Dulhania Le Jayenge, what did the actor not have to do in the
last scene to convince the family members of the actress? So the actor gets beaten up fiercely.

Only then does he get his x
But not everyone is destined for their love, they have to change their path by not wanting, in such a situation your love remains incomplete, in such a situation, it is appropriate to call
your lover or love as ex-lover because there is no one in his life.
Entry is made
and someone knocks in your life x

1.Reena often chats with her x
2. Reena invites her ex-love to her birthday party.
3.Mahi still misses her ex love

In today’s blog, you have been told about the meaning of ex as well as the meaning of ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend.
How did you like the information related to this, you can join us by commenting.

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