motivational whatsapp status,What is the best motivational line2022

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motivational WhatsApp status, What is the best motivational line
I am still in the slavery of your love only,
otherwise, this heart has been a nawab for a long time.
motivational whatsapp status,2
motivational whatsapp status,2
I knew that nothing would be achieved,
but what is that love in which you should not torment yourself !!
Neither the heart nor the eyes went,
we have become crazy just because of your smile !!
motivational whatsapp status,3
motivational whatsapp status,3
Make love to me or else I will punish you, I will
hold you by the waist and put it on my chest !!
motivational whatsapp status,4
motivational whatsapp status,4
Although we were lost in ourselves, the
truth is that you were there too!!
Kissed her lips and realized that
only one water is not necessary to quench thirst.

motivational WhatsApp status, What is the best motivational line

motivational WhatsApp status,
Your example is the same,
that you are unmatched !!
I don’t want to be a hero and I don’t die on fairies,
she is a naive girl whom I love.
Your tears fell on my shoulder like this,
my cheap shirt has become priceless today !!

Here we have also tried to share Romantic Dp with Romantic Sms which you will definitely like.

Just call me at the time of prayer,
both of them together will ask for each other.
motivational WhatsApp status,
Don’t shine like a firefly,
someday I will hide it in my hands or else !!
short motivational status for whatsapp
Shall I write your name? Should I write my heart?
To steal tears from your lovely eyes, I write my every happiness in your name !!
The day she prays for my well being, on
that day the gold flake also breaks in the pocket !!
What are 5 positive quotes?
You are my life, you are my life, you may
find me, this is my only wish!!
motivational WhatsApp status,
What will you get by killing me,
we are going to die on you anyway !!
motivational dialogue whatsapp status
I have saved my life, for one life,
how did I love so much, for one unknown !!
You might have forgotten me, but the world of
my mobile still opens in your name !!

What are 5 positive quotes?,

motivational WhatsApp status,
me by the accusations that have come on the heart, people now recognize me by your name !!
His smile makes a difference in my health,
and people ask what is the name of the medicine.
When you tie your hair loosely by pressing the clip in your teeth, I
swear once in life, it stops.
new motivational status for whatsapp
Let’s assume that it is your habit to smile, oh
dear, just think what will you do if someone dies !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
Where do
those eyes find peace , in whose eyes there is love.
We just liked his smile,
what news did we have that love will happen !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
I told him how big is this sky,
Pagli hugged and said it is not bigger than this !!
best motivational video whatsapp status
Don’t ask me what do you think of me,
heartbeat is necessary for the heart and you for me !!
Some people do not want to fall in our love even after wanting, they
say that you are absorbed in the soul not in the heart !!
If I sk you, but I am afraid of your voice, when I have
heard it, I am only fucking in love!!
motivational status video for whatsapp
You must have heard the name of life,
I have often called you by this name !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
Maybe someone has settled in your eyes, a
strange glow is visible !!

What’s App short caption?,

Know what my smile is looking for in you, If
you laugh, then this kambakht comes on my lips !!
Don’t ask how was the
style of his love… he sighed so hard that he stopped breathing and didn’t even die.
If you are allowed, I should ask you, I have
heard that fate is being written !!
Today we have got love even on your anger, come on,
there is someone who has threatened us with so much right !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
If you are in the bus, then I should stop the time there, where is the peace
like your arms in the world !! 
Without telling me, take me somewhere,
where you smile my destination is the same !! 
It is better if you give yourself,
otherwise we steal hearts too !!
We told him to take special care of himself, of
course his breath is his, but he is ours.
One is that we are intoxicated ourselves, the
one is you that you are intoxicated yourself !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
You are not in the lines of your hands, you will
definitely be in the heart for the rest of your life.
I do not know anything except unrequited love,
if you want, check my breath !!
I had heard wrong that love comes from the eyes, the
heart takes away those who do not even lift the eyelids.

How do you inspire quotes?,

motivational WhatsApp status,
That person got into my heart
like he knew all the way to my heart !!
I don’t have enough courage to snatch you from the world, but
if someone takes you out of my heart, I haven’t given myself that much right.
motivational WhatsApp status,
I do not
know about love, friend, there is a life when the heart wants to ask for it !!
Asking and seeing from his heart
that he wants to forget us, if he said yes, then he will stop loving by oath !!
I have become hated from this world, by loving you one.
motivational WhatsApp status,
Your story is
like rainwater !!
There is a wonderful
performance in him , even the war on the heart and the king on the heart !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
Seeing you my style and seeing me your smile
often burns people a lot !!
My breath is fascinated by you,
lend your sight !!
When his hand comes in my hand, the
Taj Mahal becomes between two palms!!
Listen, I have a small wish,
one table, two coffees, me and you!!
The night is young, let’s go on the roof,
you see the moon, I will see you !!

best short motivational whatsapp status,

motivational WhatsApp status,
We do not want that no one should pray for you,
we just want that no one should ask you in prayer !!

I drink one thing wonderful from your eyes, I am very poor but I drink the most expensive liquor !!

Ever since I have seen your face,
people die in my eyes.
Somebody keeps raining on us like rain,
so we keep smelling like soil.
Read the poster of the heart with your eyes, so dear,
we do not express our feelings all the time !!
He is a wonderful buyer of Rah-e-Ishq,
he smiles and we are sold!!
motivational WhatsApp status,
If the heart is one, then why should I want millions,
it is yours because you are one in a million .
Then where is someone like that person, in
millions of faces whom this heart has chosen !!
I have a lot of gopis,
but my mind does not feel anywhere except my Radha.
My eyes have become so mean, the
world does not look good without you.
I have become hated from this world, by loving you one.
There is a lot of companionship but no one likes,
except you , there is no face in the heart !!
motivational WhatsApp status,
Whether he hates me or loves me,
I am a crazy person!!
The one who read the lines of the hand blew my senses,
seeing my hand said that you will not die but someone’s desire will kill!!
Thousands have lost their hearts after seeing your face,
who says that pictures do not gamble !!
We are just like you,
what do you need to decorate !!
Despite being a stranger, you
look like yourself, look, don’t forget, you look great !!

inspirational status about life,

When your picture gives so much relief,
God knows what will happen when you hug !!
My existence has got this fame from your love,
where was my mention before your story !!
If you have got it, now God is also angry with me,
says that now you do not ask for anything from me !!
motivational WhatsApp status
Get lost in my loneliness just for two moments,
I too become yours and you too become mine!!
Listen to the moon from the flower or from my tongue…
your discussion is everywhere, listen from where!!
What a beautiful coincidence, to come to your street, had come for
some work, was not of any use !!
I asked in a hushed voice, have you started loving?
Bending her eyes, she said a lot !!
Both know that we are not in each other’s luck,
yet love is getting sheltered day by day !!
motivational WhatsApp status
me wake up and spend the whole night for her sake.
Don’t get so angry,
I still die on your cute smile !!
motivational WhatsApp status
Accept my one little thing, it’s a long way , take hold of your hand !!
I was blown away after seeing a glimpse of him, I do
n’t know what would happen in the mirror everyday !!
Year after year, the conversation does not give
as much relief as once in Mehboob’s hug.
This is my relationship with you is like that welding,
both are burning a lot……… to join !!
motivational WhatsApp status
Make us sleep in your arms for a few moments,
if the eyes open then lift them and if they do not open then bury them !!
motivational WhatsApp status
I am not used to dying on everyone like this,
but seeing you, my heart did not give me time to even think.

motivational whatsapp status in english,

likes to get wet in the rain, and I only get wet in the rain!!
Your dreams are not seen anymore,
come near, my soul has called !!
Ask him the price of his love,
we were just sold on trust !!
motivational WhatsApp status
I said you are spicy,
she kissed her lips and said now tell me !!
At that moment my love forgets the extent,
when I fight, she says that I love you more !!
motivational WhatsApp status
You get angry together for a moment, you are
the story of a lifetime !!
Now we should also mention,
how long will the story of Heer Ranjha last !!
Your style is very silent, I do
not understand whether I should be fascinated or blown away !!
Just like this, I am not used to looking at me,
when I saw you, I felt that I should see one more time !!
Tears fall from my eyes even in sleep…
whenever you leave my hand in dreams!
motivational WhatsApp status
I would have
kept it in my heart, if it was me in the bus, everyone sees it , it is not seen from me !!
Many miles away, someone feels me, there is
a heart that loves a lot !!
motivational WhatsApp status
I am still in slavery of your love only,
otherwise this heart has been a nawab for a long time.
My love has its own principles,
you don’t do it but I will stay till my breath breaks !!
Went out to bring a gift today for you in the city, I
couldn’t find anything cheaper than myself!!
motivational WhatsApp status
Was it the expectation of his beauty or the mood of our passion,
that since I have seen him….

2 line motivational status,

If you ever ask for it,
we will even give life for you, we do not appreciate the heart with our hearts, but with our lives!
Why shouldn’t I be proud of myself,
I wanted the one whose fans were thousands!
The thing on which you lay your hands is yours and
the thing you love, that fate is mine only.
I am he colorful picture of your dreams,
now your wish, whether you want to erase it or put it in your heart !!
I have started hiding some secrets from myself these days, I have
heard some people… have started knowing me more than me!!
motivational WhatsApp status
There will be many who die on your smile,
but I am the only one to die for your smile.

motivational status in english 2 lines,

Don’t be shy, hide your face in the screen,
we are crazy about your voice, not your face !!
I also fall in love with the place
where I sit and think about it once!!
motivational WhatsApp status
I have forgotten my name in your city
ever since people started knowing your name !!
Somebody jerked the water like this from the soaked hair,
it sizzled and rained, the water broke overnight !!
I don’t care about long lines of relationships, if
someone is from the heart, even one unfaithful person is enough.
She often used to ask her luck by showing her hand to astrology,
once she gave me a hand, her luck would have changed.
motivational WhatsApp status
When you come near me, there will probably be doom,
even now your picture has created havoc in life.
If I would have forgotten till the heart,
but you are involved in the soul, then how can I forget !!


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