happy birthday comadre,Birthday Sandesh,welcome to friends

happy birthday comadre,2023 Birthday Sandesh

happy birthday comadre,Birthday Sandesh
Hello friends, welcome to our website
Friends, Birthday is such an event that comes only once in a year in everyone’s life.
So you need to celebrate it with great enthusiasm.
If any of your friend or relative has a birthday today, then
we have brought this article for you – Happy Birthday in english
Copy Happy Birthday Wishes to you and share with your friends and relatives.

Happy Birthday comadre | happy birthday message

happy birthday comadre,1
happy birthday comadre,1

May your life always smell like flowers, may your
happiness kiss your feet
, may our love and blessings be upon you.

On today’s birthday... Happy Birthday to
you. Happy Birthday to you.

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happy birthday comadre,2
happy birthday comadre,2

Your birthday is “special”
because you
are ‘near’ everyone’s heart
and today all your “hopes” are fulfilled.

Birthday Wishes For Brother In hindi 

Success… Kiss you.
Happiness … Hug.
Chance… chooses you.
Prosperity be … follow you.
May love … hug.
Best friends… be around you…

Happy Birthday!!!

happy birthday comadre,3
happy birthday comadre,3

Lived so happily that you live life like this
and keep living it like this,
always drink lots
of happiness Happy Birthday

Your birthday is the first day of another 365-day New Year’s journey.
May your name shine in the world this year. enjoy the ride.

May all the days be spent in happiness
, May every night be sweet, Wherever your
feet fall, there
is rain of flowers.

happy B-Day 2023

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May you get blessings of elders in life,
support of younger ones,
happiness from the world, love above all,
this is my prayer to God today.
happy B-Day

Happy birthday wishes in hindi

May you achieve beyond the limits of your successes,
may God shower you with all his blessings and love this year.. May you
live long,
Happy Birthday

What gift should I give you on this auspicious occasion of birthday ,
just accept it with love,
lots of love.
happy birthday to you.

May God bless you
with worldly happiness and progress in every step of life;
May you always have a smile on your lips;
come and give you a gift on your birthday

On the height of the sky may be your name,
on the earth of the moon may be your

happy birthday wishes for wife

May God protect you from evil eyes.
May God bless you with moon and stars, forget
what sorrow is, may God make you laugh so much in life.
happy B-Day!

Wishing you a very happy birthday… I wish
you good health, long life and a prosperous life.

Happy birthday my friend,
wishing you lots of happiness, happy birthday.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday… I pray that
your coming New Year is happy, fruitful, beneficial, prosperous and peaceful.

happy birthday message

Wishing my best friend a very happy birthday and wishing
him good health.

May the joy you spread in the past
come back to you today.
happy birthday to you.

Wishing you a very happy birthday from your friend
with the prayer that you have a good year ahead.

I hope you have a wonderful day today, and that the year ahead is full of blessings.
happy birthday happy birthday

happy birthday wishes for a friend

Happy birthday to my friend... I sincerely wish happiness, peace, prosperity, wealth
and health in Khodiyar … I wish you a lot of progress in your business and in your field

On your birthday, I thought of giving you the cutest gift in the world but then
I realized that it is not possible!
Because you yourself are the cutest gift in the world.
happy B-Day

What happened if you are away, I remember today’s birthday,
you are not there but your shadow is with us.
You think we all forgot,
but look we remember your birthday..!

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I hope you have a wonderful day today,
and that the year ahead is full of blessings.
happy birthday 

Today is again the day of dancing and singing,
Happy Birthday to my brother… 🎂I
asked God for brother,
but God gave us the diamond of Kohinoor…!

happy birthday to dad happy birthday text sms for dad

On every path of life…
like a guru, like
a friend who guides me…
irrigates my inner qualities,
gives me constant direction… is
my father!
Wish you stay healthy always!
happy birthday to you!

may god fill your life with brighter smile and more happiness,
happy birthday dad

I wanted to give you something wonderful and inspiring on your birthday
but then I realized that I am with you.

Who has no equal,
who has no choice,
who has no equality,
father is the person in the world who
forgets the present for your dreams and unites
day and night for your future.
so no one else like grandpa

🥞I am happy birthday mother… whatever I am, I am indebted to you 🥞…… ..So there is only one word… but the debt cannot be repaid even after a lifetime…

Mother, thank you for your unconditional love, endless patience,
wonderful warmth and endless support. 🙏🏻
You are our inspiration!
happy B-Day

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