another typical fantasy romance,Neighborhood love 2022

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another typical fantasy romance,Neighborhood love

– Friends, in today’s post I am going to tell you about a love story which you will like very much.
This love story is only a few days old. At that time I would be about 20 years old.
I used to work in an office. I bought a new car because of my good salary.
There were many girls in my locality but I used to like a girl named Priyanka.

Neighborhood love | Latest Romantic Love Story 2022

I was leaving my house and going to the office in a new car when a girl asks me for a lift with a hand gesture.
That girl was none other than Priyanka.
I stop the car after seeing him and ask him to sit inside.
She smiles at me and sits inside the car.
We both sat inside the car and were going talking. ,another typical fantasy romance,      Best Unique Friendship Quotes

Then I asked Priyanka – where are you going today with so much decor? Then Priyanka replied –
I have opened new computer classes in the city, I am going there.
Priyanka was sitting in the seat behind me.
So I turned the front glass in the car towards it so that I could see Priyanka’s face easily.
She looked very happy that day.
I loved him very much but dare not say it. another typical fantasy romance,

another typical fantasy romance,Neighborhood love

Seeing Priyanka’s face in the glass,
I was driving the car, when her eyes fall on the glass,
she puts a sardine on her head without saying anything to me.
I understood very well that Priyanka has come to know about the glass.
After about half an hour we both reach the city and I turn the car towards Priyanka’s computer classes office.
Then Priyanka tells me – take it off here,
from here I will go myself.
You don’t need to be worried. I said – what’s the problem with this? I skip till computer classes.
another typical fantasy romance,

After a while, Priyanka’s computer classes reach the office.
Priyanka gets down from the car. While getting down, only he was looking at her.
She also tells me to get down.
I get down from my car and walk inside to have a view of his computer classes office.
She was telling me about the office but I was only looking at her face.

After talking for sometime she starts asking me – When do you leave for home from office? I said – after 5:00 pm,
after finishing office work, I leave for home.
Then Priyanka says – take me with you because the last class of my classes is till 5:00 pm.
another typical fantasy romance,

2022 another typical fantasy romance,Neighborhood

After that I said – OK. I will take you home with me when I come back.
After that I leave for my office from there but I felt as if my heart was left with Priyanka only.
I did not feel like going to office, I did not know that it seemed that I should also stay with Priyanka.
Boss scolded me for reaching office late.another typical fantasy romance,

After working for the whole day, I leave for home from there.
The journey from my office to Priyanka’s computer classes was about 20 minutes.
I reach his office while playing songs in my car. Putting the car in the parking lot,
I go straight inside the office of computer classes. Going there,
I see that Priyanka was applying lipstick on her lips.
I could not stop seeing him and I asked – now both of us are walking home,
what is the need to decorate so much? Priyanka replies – I am applying nothing the same way.
another typical fantasy romance,

After that Priyanka closes the office and sits in the car and we both leave for home.
This time Priyanka was sitting on the seat next to me.
My mobile car was lying in the box itself.
She picks up my mobile and asks me to open the lock.
I also open the lock of the mobile and give it to him without answering any questions.
Priyanka saves her mobile number in my mobile and says –
everyday you take me with you and call me if I am late in leaving home.
another typical fantasy romance,

I nodded my head yes. The next day I came with a bike instead of a car.
Priyanka was already waiting for me on the way.
I stop my bike after going to Priyanka and ask her to sit.
Priyanka quietly sits behind me on the bike.
Almost half the journey was over but she was not talking to me.
I was thinking that maybe she is not talking to me because of bringing the bike.
another typical fantasy romance,

another typical fantasy romance,2022 Neighborhood

To hear a few words from his mouth,
I brake hard on the breaker on the road.
In the meantime,
Priyanka tells me – what is the need to brake so much? I was riding the bike without saying anything.
After not saying anything to me,
she says back to me – I know why you have brought the bike today? I said – Papa was going somewhere by car,
so I have brought a bike. You are thinking wrong about me.

In no time, Priyanka’s computer classes reach the office.
I drop him there and go straight to the office. After reaching office,
I remembered that my mobile was left with Priyanka.
Today I was going to have a meeting in my office and all the information
about the project to be presented in the meeting was in my mobile.
I go straight to the boss’s cabin and tell everything.
After scolding by the boss for some time, he asks me to bring the mobile.
another typical fantasy romance,

I start my bike from there and reach Priyanka’s office and start asking for my mobile.
On asking for mobile, Priyanka categorically refuses that I do not have your mobile.
I was very nervous on hearing this because if I do not reach my office on time then I will be fired from my job.
I told Priyanka – don’t joke, there is complete data of the project of the meeting to be held inside the mobile.
If I do not reach office on time, I will be fired from my job.

When I was talking to Priyanka, she was smiling softly. From her smile,
I understood that the mobile is with Priyanka but she is joking.
After explaining for sometime she gives me the mobile.
I say thank you to him and leave for office from there.
The meeting started soon after I reached here. Boss was waiting for me at the gate.
After that both me and the boss go inside for the meeting to a room where our senior officers were already
sitting there. another typical fantasy romance,

First of all I apologized to him for coming late and started showing my project.
The senior officers were very happy to see my project and gave me a good job! Well Done said.
After a while the meeting ends. I was sitting in the canteen with one of my senior officers.
Then the senior officer tells me – because of your project you can get the manager post.
I will try my best to get you manager position. After that I said thank you sir and from there left for home.another typical fantasy romance,

another fantasy romance,Neighborhood

Today I came straight home. After coming home, Priyanka called me and said – Where are you,
I am waiting for you outside the office. I said – I am coming in some time,
you go inside the office and sit.
Then Priyanka said – Why did it take so long today? I replied with a laugh – I have gone home to get a car for you.
Wait a bit, I’m coming. I start the car from home and go straight to Priyanka’s office.
another typical fantasy romance,

As soon as I saw Priyanka, she looked very angry.
I laughed and said – you got very angry because of bringing the bike while coming to the office,
so went home to get the car.
Priyanka said – The car was taken by your father,
so from where did you get the car? I replied – Papa had come soon after reaching home.
It was dark for both of us in the city as it was winter.

I parked the car outside the gate and went inside Priyanka’s office.
There was no one there at that time as all the students had gone to their respective homes.
Priyanka was operating her mobile while sitting on a chair. Seeing Priyanka alone,
I proposed her. Then he said – We are just friends,
apart from friendship, there is nothing between us.
I said – Priyanka, I like you from long ago but could not muster the courage to say.
another typical fantasy romance,

After that Priyanka replies to me – You have gone mad,
who are talking like this. I don’t love you I was shocked to hear this from him.
I was very sad from inside but started acting like smiling in front of him.
After sometime, both of us sit in the car and come home. As usual,
Priyanka used to go to the office with me in the car every day but I used to talk to her very little.another typical fantasy romance,

One day I was walking on the roof of my house when I saw a girl walking on the roof of the opposite house.
It was evening, the red rays of the sun were falling on his forehead. That girl was looking very beautiful.
I liked that girl after Priyanka. Slowly I got information about her and then it came to know that she is the daughter of Priyanka’s aunt.
another typical fantasy romance,

another  romance,Neighborhood

I didn’t want to waste time so I started talking to him.
After a few days I came to know that the girl’s name is Renuka and she has completed her studies till class 12.
The girl has come to stay at Priyanka’s house to study computer classes.
Now all three of us used to go to the city together in the car.
Renuka was a very simple girl in appearance. She mostly wore salwar suits.
Gradually the two became good friends but I was not limited to friendship.
another typical fantasy romance,

One day I proposed to Renuka and she accepted my proposal.
I wanted to tell all the details of my love to Priyanka but Renuka refused me.
After that we both exchanged our mobile numbers and then started chatting on WhatsApp till late night.
Priyanka came to know when both of us were chatting on WhatsApp during the night.
Priyanka started threatening me that Renuka does not know at all about what is love.another typical fantasy romance,

I said – Renuka loves me and I also love her more than my life.
Then Priyanka replied – You forget Renuka or else I will tell your family members.
I said – I do not mind telling the family members. You can go and tell everyone now.another typical fantasy romance,
Priyanka gets angry with me and leaves from there.
I immediately take out my mobile from my pocket and tell everything to Renuka.
I explain to Renuka that you come to my mother and tell about our love.  Romantic Love Story

typical fantasy romance,Neighborhood

After sometime Renuka comes to our house and tells everything to my mother.
Renuka told my mother – we both want to marry each other but we will not get married without the consent of the
family members. I reach there in no time. Seeing me mother starts asking me about Renuka,
then I also tell the truth about our love.
Even before Priyanka says anything to my family members,
my parents go to Renuka’s house and talk about our relationship.
another typical fantasy romance,

Since I have a good job,
Renuka’s father also agrees to get us married.
The relationship was settled on behalf of both the families.
Now I and Renuka did not have any problem. After a few days,
Priyanka comes to know about the marriage being fixed but now nothing was going to happen.
Priyanka was against my and Renuka’s marriage so she told Renuka about the photo she had taken with me and Priyanka.
So that Renuka can refuse to marry. another typical fantasy romance,

But I had already told Renuka everything about my life.
The photo which Priyanka had shown to Renuka,
I had shown it 1 month ago. That’s why Renuka didn’t believe anything of Priyanka.
We got married a few days later. After getting married,
I took a sigh of relief and thanked Renuka that you didn’t listen to a single word of Priyanka.another typical fantasy romance,

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